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My son's car was repossessed for what they claim was missed payments. However, no notices were sent to me as the co-signer.

My investigation revealed their call center requires people to wait on hold for up to 10 minutes (their version of customer service - this has happened every time I have called), they can not explain why my contact information in their computer records were changed or by whom, they can not explain why no contact attempt was made to either myself or my son, their story on the missed payments are that six months ago some where out of cycle and the missing payments are back then but not recent, they can not tell who issued the repo order other than "GMAC", they offer no assistance on trying to find the source of the errors in their computer system, and when you ask to speak to a supervisor or manager they place you on hold AGAIN and they never come back. LOL

Why would anyone buy from GMAC?

Absolutelly no problems from Toyota.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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you can bet your very life i'll never but anything from GMAC again. I tried to get them to work with me when I started to have problems I had been paying on my car for 2 0r 3 yrs, never missed a payment and was never late..

I had to let them repo my car because I a couple of payments behind. They dont care about people if they did I would still have my car and it would be paid for by now.They are NOT good buisness people .

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