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all i want is to fix our mistakes and your custmore service people don't care all it is is a job well here you have custmores who care and want to get help all they do is say to bad.i would like a manager to call me our email me they say they don't talk to ustmores if it wasn't for us they would not have theres a manager that isn't affraid of there little people they will email me there phone number so we can talk to them.i'm from canada.

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I had a similar problem with GMAC. I had taken a 'Smart Lease' on a 2006 Trailblazer.

I paid through their auto-mated bill-pay system at the time. I freely admit that I am one of those people that once I set up automated bill pay, I don't check unless notified by my bank that there's a problem.

Woke up one morning to them towing away my Trailblazer. I didn't go off on the repo guy because he's just a contracted worker. I was livid however and contacted GMAC who said I hadn't paid my bill in three months???

After going back and forth for a week, we found the problem. They had switched the company they were using for their auto-pay program but never notified me. I got my Trailblazer back but had to pay storage fees. I wanted to fight it but the hubby didn't so I let it go.

They had 'towed' the vehicle with a full tank of gas (I had filled up the night before and still had the receipt. I'd left a carton of cigarettes in the vehicle as well. When we got the truck back, the gas was on E, the carton of smokes were gone and there was a can of paint (not ours) which had spilled. There were greasy boot prints on the ceiling of the vehicle and the back also had pine needles like someone had used it to transport their Christmas trees!

I had always kept my truck in pristine condition, My hubby and daughter constantly teased me about my OCD with the truck. To get it back in that condition was heartbreaking. I called GMAC and complained about it and was told they would not be using that repo company again. A few months later, the same thing happened again.

Same problem. They had switched auto-pay companies again! I flipped out when I saw the SAME repo guy picking up my truck again. This time, I called GMAC told them to keep the damned truck but that I wanted MY money back for the payments I had made, proved they had been taken out up until they switched again.

Of course THAT never happened. This is a scam they use quite a lot I've found out and nothing happens to them.

My credit is in the toilet for their screw up. A perfect credit report at the time ruined by this one company!


I beleive you just wondering sucks don't lisen to him,there staff screwed me over to said onething did something different.Gmac has to be the worst place to get anything from.They don't care about anyne but them.


Hey *** you don't know me,I've made all lease pyments and more,mistake made by there cutomer service is why we got in to trouble if you care why would you.You don't know me don't judge me.


hey *** i did make all payments and more we had one prolem witch was part of there staff to you don't know so don't judge they'll take you just like everyone esle.


Beverly, based on your comment I don't think I would want to talk to your either. Custmores is spelled "customers".

I have a feeling that fixing your mistakes means "I didn't make my payments" No Pay, No Car. Get Real.

What do you thing?? Just Wondering!!

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