I own a 2007 GMC Truck. In December of 2009 I received my statement in the mail with a new mystery fee of $609.00.

I called customer service they stated it was a mistake and I should fill out a form they would mail to me which they did and I did complete the form, had notarized and mailed back. They confirmed they received it the following month and would correct it. It is now 6 months later and I am still trying to get this fee removed. Today I was told they did not receive the notarized form until it was to late.

Well first there was never a specific timeline given as to when it was due but the fact is I sent the form in on time and they stated they had had it. I am getting the run around now because they messed up, lost the form or did not get it imaged in time and over to the right department. Plus, back to my original statement the fee was their mistake to begin with! Every Time I have called over the past 8 months up until today I have been told that it will be taken off my statement and I do not owe it.

What changed? Why am I getting charged this fee?

I was calm, cool, and collective up until today. Now I have had it with the incompetence.

Monetary Loss: $609.

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