I just received a phone call from GMAC, very rude telling me my house payment is LATE and what is the check number etc.I told him to freaken bug off and I NEVER give ANY personal info over the phone when they call me!

I told him we made the payment on the 3APR and its not late until after the 15APR!!!! He said he isn't calling about a late fee, but rudely said I"M LATE. I told the Butt-Wipe, this is total harrasment and my credit score is *** near perfect and HOW DARE HE think that he can harrass me!!! GMAC must be as low as they come and I pray the freaken jerks go out of business!!!

How pathetic are they that they don't have the interest for a couple of days from the 1st!!!!!What *** they are!

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