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The Riverdale City Hall GA, is where I walk daily. Upon arriving there I attempted to park into a parking spot.

My car jump (accelerated) forward, jumping the curve and stopping short of hitting a tree. Cost to repair is $6721.68. I know that there are a lot going on with GMAC cars. I am more than thankful to GOD that I suffered only minor injuries, just some starches on my leg and arm from climbing out of the car.

I really like my car but must admit I don 't feel as safe as I did. I am aware that there are some recalls concerning the 2014 impala.

Monetary Loss: $6722.

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I just want to see some pictures of the 'starches' on your leg and arm.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #922840

Of course the car jumped forward, they all do when you depress the gas pedal and the car is in drive.

San Leandro, California, United States #913191

With close to 7000$ in repairs I would rather buy another car. Seems like u wanna squeeze money....


You should probably learn how to drive rather than blaming pedal misapplication on your vehicle's manufacturer.


Were you by chance eating or talking on your cell? It's amazing how many problems cars have when their drivers refuse to actually DRIVE them.


It is fairly obvious that there was nothing wrong with the car. Even if there was an issue the driver should have been able to handle the situation by applying the brake.


I don't believe you

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