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I sent in a check for 6 months in advance of car my car payment. Tell me why they put it on someone else's account?

They dropped my credit score, my 3 year old has better credit! How irresponsible of a company is this? Every time I called their customer service I got a half *** person who spoke no English and would hang up on me. They have yet to fix it and this has been going on since June!

I never even received anything from them stating their mistake. The only reason I even knew about this was from my Equifax credit watch. My advice...

Don not go through Gmac they suck!

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HEY GMAC .. You *** ***.

My son commits suicide and instead of letting us access to his car , by the way, he committed suicide in, you denied us that right. I hope you all rot in *** and I will make sure that the car you took..Nobody ever wants to by. I will post the *** out of that vin and a picture all over the internet.

I cannot believe what greedy vultures you are! Disgusting vermin!!!I hope you choke on it!


dont ask for any help from gmac i asked for a mod and they raised my house payment $1200 a month *** you gmac go to *** you fucken ***


not happy on how they took care of my claim, they think they got you once you lease a truck. there wrong :(


With the way you carry yourself in your post its no wonder why they hung up on you. Did you even bother trying to talk to someone there in a rational tone?

I find your story full of holes. Did u send any other payments after the check for six payments?

If you didnt I can guarntee someone would have contacted you when you ended up showing past due. How do you expect someone to send you something stating they misapplied your payment when they didnt know it was misapplied?


For future reference you don't have to allow 6 months for the check to get there.

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