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Purchased a car in May, My dream 2010 Black Camero SS. I even ordered it online.

Filled out the paperwork for financing and put down $2000. I was told it would arrive at the end of June but it really didn't arrive until September. They then requested another $5000.00 so I paid it. I also bought out the current vehicle I was leasing for $9200.

This was all paid in cash. When my car arrived, I went to the dealership,spent two hours there, signed all the necessary papers, and was introduced and orientated to my new vehicle. What an exciting day that was. I took my first road trip to Sydney, N.S.

that day. Here is the kicker..after driving my vehicle for 33 days, my first payment was due, I received a call from a representative there, saying that the person who was dealing with my financing application, didn't wait for approval from the head office and they wanted me to either find financing or give the car back. Apparently one of their trusted employees was not acting in the best interest of the customer or the business...he was fired. I have since given my dream car back and am still waiting for my down payment, apparently there is an inspection and other other things that needed to be done before I get any money back.

I am a victim of the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. Not once was I under the assumption that there was anything wrong with my financing considering,I have been with them for the last 4 years, financed 3 other vehicles, will have spent over $100,000 there and they let me take my $42,000 vehicle home and drive it for 33 days. I believe as a consumer that whatever was going on there had nothing to do with me, I dealt in good faith all the way and am hoping that under the circumstances, I will receive my $7000.00 back, considering this had nothing to do with me and I feel I should not be penalized for someone else's doing. I have been embarrassed over all this, after showing off my new car and then explaining why I didn't have it anymore,It has cause me emotional stress, not to mention affected me financially as well.

If I had only known, I would have not bought out my leased vehicle and spent my money elsewhere!! I am severely disgusted and hope that this does not happen to anyone again.

Another kicker apparently it happened to more than one person. I will never deal with them again!!

Monetary Loss: $42.

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This dealer is actually at fault. They have to get your financed within 10 days or notify you by then that you have to bring the vehicle back.

After 33 days...that dealer is now finanancing you and you have to make payments to them. You have rights here!

Don't get me wrong, I hate GMAC and they have their issues...but the DEALER is who you need to go after here...they owe you every penny back. If they don't pay...find yourself a lawyer!


Here is the update on my dilemma...After two weeks of waiting for my deposit back, the owner of J. Clark & Sons tried to charge me $2912.68 for the month I had the vehicle, this consisted of mileage, cleaning of the vehicle, registration, warranty.

What an expensive drive that you think that I would have put all those km on the vehicle if I had known I would be charged for them later? I don't think think he would have waived these expenses, considering the circumstances!! But it was no, too bad for you..he basically stated he needed to get something out of it since I drove it for a month. He was going to take a $10,000 loss because he couldn't sell it new.

Myself, I think something else was going on there!! In the end he settled by taking a months payment $826 + 1/3 of a payment for the next month (the extra 10 days I had the vehicle, this was when they told me to find financing or bring it back, again, do you think I would have kept the vehicle any longer if i knew he was going to ding me for that too!!). I have never had to experience anything like this in my life, but Knowing what i know now, (he obviously wanted to negotiate with me) I would have never given that car back and fought it in court, considering I had all the paperwork. I would advise any person dealing with dealerships to make that your financing is secured before giving them any monies.

When i called GM Financing they had no record of my application for the vehicle, which makes me wonder, what the *** is going on there!! They didn't mind taking my money and giving me the receipts at the time.

But when it came time to refund it...that was a different matter. Funny though, there website advertises on the spot financing and the big promo about 60 day money back guarantee....guess that didn't apply to me....BUYER BEWARE....


Having been employed by GMAC for 11 years this is not the first time I have heard of this happening. I am no longer employed with GMAC but I can tell you this.

When GMAC was purchased by Cerberus Capital Management about 3 years ago they started down sizing and closing business offices the above mentioned screw up happened much more often.

I would suggest re-visting the dealership and talking to the sales manager to find out why they did not follow up with you when GMAC declined your contract. Best of Luck


I would seriously consider sueing them for your hardship and mental anguish. Their trusted employee screwed up and they need to compiensate you for your time and suffering...Dont let it go...People like this get over on all who deal with them because it doesnt effect their personal lives as it does their customers...Its a mistake that needs to cost them to prevent it from happening agian.

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