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I paid my 2002 Chevy Suburban off in 2006 .The payments were automatically taken out of my checking account each month .I don't remmeber getting any paper work saying it was paid off but I knew it was and the payments were done .

I went to the Sec of State today to transfer the title to my son and they said it wasn't shown paid off because GMAC still had a lien on it .

I don't know where to go from here . I have no numbers that I know to call .

I bought it in Dearborn Mich from Les Sanford Chevrolet . I guess I will call them next but meantime I am so ticked that GMAC did this...or didn't do what they were suppose to do .

I paid it off 6 years ago so they had plenty of time to issue something . I am just so ticked that I never knew this as well .

It was my first time buying a new SUV and first time with a loan so I was unaware that they did this .I have had the title all this time .

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Call 1-800-200-4622.


Who did u end up talking with? Have the same situation same make yr etc? Do u have a No.?


Well my mom passed went to take get title since we could not find.Found out gmac has a lein on car!!

So number 15 we are. Where do we go from here?

Any body know??Mom paid her bills.



Not sure if you got this resolved.You have your title as this is normal in your state, the title shows gmac as lien holder.

you need to call them for a lien release.

call 800-200-4622.once you have the lien release you can take this to the state and apply for a new title.

to no name needed Tucson, Arizona, United States #620006

03/2013 I called the phone number now ALLY I got it taken care of with 5 minutes

to no name needed Waianae, Hawaii, United States #718060

I did this and they faxes me over the lien release, I went to the DMV handed them over the paper and they told me the title is still showing GMAC as the lien holder.Therefore The Fax is not valid and I need an Original, and a request to release by GMAC.

Are you Kidding me. This is MY car, they had no right to keep it in their name for 5 years after it was paid off. Is This is a scam so if you die they get your property, and no way to release it from their custody. They tell me they do not have record of my title since my case is closed.

I spoke to an attorney and they said I assure you if it is in GMAC's name they consider it still their property and they have access to it and can correct it online.

They are simply lying.

to no name needed #959854

Thanks for this information.I called the number above 1-800-200-4622, now Ally.

They were so nice and she took care of me in just a few minutes. I didn't have the old account number, but gave her the VIN# and she was able to look it up. She is mailing the lien release to us so we can apply for a lost title.

Thanks to "no name needed" above to this phone number.Was so helpful!

to lost title in Texas #998954

I have called 4 times over 4 days and still they have not faxed the lien release.At 1 point, I was on the phone over an hour!!!!

I don't know how to get action from Ally.They are terrible regarding customer service and keep saying my letter is in the que.

to no name needed #1236588

ok, done deal, quick and easy to resolve

to no name needed Riverside, California, United States #1311335

Thank you for information. I called and they mailed a letter for the DMV within a week.

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