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I purchased a Chevrolet Malibu via GMAC and despite the fact the loan was paid of 8 years ago, they still have not released the lien on the title.

I have called them twice and still no luck, They keep promising but nothing as yet.

On the first call they promised to release the lien within 7 to 10 days. I just called again after 3 weeks and there was no activity on the account. The first individual i had spoken to had taken no action to release the lien.

Since I am waiting to sell the vehicle its a real problem.

I no longer purchase GM products, and as well as poor poor quality vehicles, they have lousy service at GMAC. All of the calls appear to be going to India, and the reps will not provide their identification, just an anglized first name and a department number. Not good enough for me, no wonder GM is a mess!

I buy Korean now. My Korean vehicles have had zero problems with either the vehicles themselves or documentation.

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I bought mine 2002 GMC Sierra. I haven't received my TITLE yet.

I've tried to get a duplication with DMV, but the lien still on it. WTF!

Give Me Crab(GMC), brake line failed-hardware, then and now the customer service failed. I got the phone# 1-888-925-2558 from a new GMAC to call for my title and release.


:? i have the title to my 2000 GMC truck but they never signed off on it to release the truck to me, now i used the title for a loan the bank saisd hey use really dont own your truck it was never released to you need to fix this ....... how in the world do i do that caan anyone send me a phone number ????????


I financed a vehicle through GMAC in 2001. The vehicle was paid in full in 2006!

Guess What?? I am STILL waiting for my lein to be released AND I have a buyer for my vehicle. There has got to be something all of us can do!

This is ridiculous! :(


I have been requesting my title of my 2003 Trailblazer for three years after making last payment in 2009. Seems to me GMAC does not care about their customers.

The vehicle is under my name and now ex-wife's name but the title was never sent to us.

Now I have moved to Japan and recently requested the title. Whom do I contact for some good customer service or do i have to go through the BBB or State Attorney Generals Office for some satisfaction....


GMAC is not the only one doing this Ford is worse


I have a 2000 Blazer that I have a buyer for. GMAC never released the lien and sent it to me even though it was paid off in 2005. Now I need it to sell it.


I finally called and refused to wait for a call back and infomed them that legal or not, I had recorded ALL calls and would pass a copy of the recordings to the State Attorney Generals office. Since these calls contained verbal agreeement that there the loan had been repayed on time! There was no reason not to release the lien.

I had my title 12 days later!


I have the same problem, had to finance a car at the dealership when they would not take my out of state check, and I paid the loan of three days later as soon as the clerks in INDIA completed the paperwork. I have been calling once a week for months to get my lien release, and each time I call INDIA, no action has been taken and no record of my previous calls exists. Also, each time I call, I am promised a call back, but of course, that never happens

Dilbeek, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium #20926

I've been trying on and off for five years to get our lien released. I've got paid in full paperwork, but they won't send the lien release to the clerk! I will never finance through GMAC again!!

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