GMAC - Review about 2002 Malibu

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Wi was told 7 yrs ago that my 2002 malibu was paid off never recieved the title couldn't figure out and was told by the dmv that there is not a clear title for the car would like to know what the heck is going on

Review about: 2002 Malibu.

GMAC - My 2014 Chevy Impala ( 9 months old) accelerated forward while parking the car.

College Park, Georgia 7 comments
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The Riverdale City Hall GA, is where I walk daily. Upon arriving there I attempted to park into a parking spot.

My car jump (accelerated) forward, jumping the curve and stopping short of hitting a tree. Cost to repair is $6721.68. I know that there are a lot going on with GMAC cars. I am more than thankful to GOD that I suffered only minor injuries, just some starches on my leg and arm from climbing out of the car.

I really like my car but must admit I don 't feel as safe as I did. I am aware that there are some recalls concerning the 2014 impala.

Review about: 2014 Chevy Impala.

Monetary Loss: $6722.



I just want to see some pictures of the 'starches' on your leg and arm.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #922840

Of course the car jumped forward, they all do when you depress the gas pedal and the car is in drive.

San Leandro, California, United States #913191

With close to 7000$ in repairs I would rather buy another car. Seems like u wanna squeeze money....


You should probably learn how to drive rather than blaming pedal misapplication on your vehicle's manufacturer.


Were you by chance eating or talking on your cell? It's amazing how many problems cars have when their drivers refuse to actually DRIVE them.


It is fairly obvious that there was nothing wrong with the car. Even if there was an issue the driver should have been able to handle the situation by applying the brake.


I don't believe you

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Gmac - Lease Review from Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California 0 comments

GMAC finance/crooks

I had a 3 year lease in 1999 I lost everything after my girlfriends son died. We broke up and I stopped working .

Car was impounded and GMAC still had tittle. That was 1999 on a 34,000 dollar vehicle with 2 years of pYemenys. It's not their fault I defaulted but I don't see HOW THEY CAN CLAIM BANKRUPT ON TAXPAYERS DIME AND NOW TRY AND GARNISH MY WAGES FOR TJE SUM OF $62,000 dollars.

WTF . Did they get a lisence to steel too!!!

Review about: Lease.

GMAC - Lease charge off and added fee's and bad info

Chicago, Illinois 0 comments

2006 H2 leased by my boss in 2005 and drove around for several weeks to a month then one day they pick me up and I'm at a dealership that has run my info and put the orginal lease in my name because the prior agreement was eventually denied by gmac, but nothing in the agreement was made clear to me and info on the paperwork was the orginal info from the prior month. Maybe under duress I signed this to get 3 people off my case in a small room, but I've never done paper work in 5 minutes and was not told it is going in my name or i'd be responsible rather that at best if something goes wrong it is just a lease and it can be returned and won't affect me. This was in IL and looked like a 4 year lease with like 8 payments left on it when they were more and more delinquent and sent repo people to scare my tiny mother and threatened her asking where the car is which never was in her possession and I did not live there. I spoke with them and they tried to convince me of my location which was fine since I didn't have the vechicle either and never had, but they wanted a repo fee clearly as I told them I will find out about this and get the payment in and they wanted to collect it but gmac said no get it to them ignore these people yet they stayed and harassed my family. After 3 months were caught up that day shortly after my family inquired more about this and really I didn't know much and who is going to give a 60k vechiel to a early 20 yr old on a shady deal to begin with with 1000$ a month payments on a lease none the less which would be far out of my income or ability to pay at that time just starting a career.

Long story short with talking to gmac and family they said just get the truck back and return it and it should be fine and would not give me any info or even a clue of how much might be owed other then very little making it seem like 1000$ maybe 2000$ worst case since the lease was almost paid and really shouldn't be mine, so after fighting to do this from my boss at the time and leaving them without a vechile was an interesting conversation as is, but family stepped in and said well it will be reported as stolen then since apparently it isn't a cosign and in my name which then I was told to return it to the nearest dealer and they would know what to do. Well they didn't and upon arrival they just said leave the keys I guess. I took pictures of the car and the mileage and date/time just to make sure nothing came back about damage or something else crazy. Then calling GMAC back letting them know it is there all of a sudden they tell me all about what is going to likely be owed since gas is 5$ and up and they likely won't sell it at auction and I have to pay until it sells and some estimate of 13k way over the payments left which I promptly asked for the vechile back since it wasn't delinquent at all at this point and seemed like if they were going to make me pay this amount I might as well get to drive the thing or have it rather then pay them to have it, but this wasn't happening.

All a hard lesson learned since they went bankrupt and no bill ever came detailing why or what was owed till years later and Hummer was out of business of course and free of their debts yet I'm stuck with theirs for this thing and getting any papers is impossible and of course the previous leasee never existed and I'm not sure how to prove this other then a trial of the sales rep if he would tell the truth and even possible as I did find some shoddy paper work a year later with what doesn't look like my signature and possibly not filled out even, even though it would be less to try and take to trial if its won it would be far more if lost w added legal fee's.

Is there other options or routes I can look into, as it is nearing statue of limitations, I tried fighting it on my credit report with no success, though the report doesn't show volunteer repo universally either. It shows as charged off, but I know this means nothing good on what they show as 15k+ owed, and also the return month is off by one or 2. They had collections many times try and trick me into sending money without papers promising the next day I'd have them and 1000$ was the amount which seemed to good to be true and surely was, 4k was more likely maybe 2 years ago. I've learned a few hard lessons all around this time and to read what I'm signing and not to trust people and then got slammed with a credit card and the person on there passed away who also had a house with me 6 years ago and got into mortgage and was going to handle it to save us money, no where can I see how a 40k profit split in half somehow equate to me owing him $, and after looking at a paper I didn't read but did sign trusting him was a dang deed release to him, so really I couldn't have done anything anyway from what I understand. This aside as he is gone and God made it just in my eyes by slamming him with 25k$ car wreck and his ins payment somehow was a day late in the mail he owed that to family as the car was wrecked, the death I don't wish on anyone and is a sad story and not the wrath I would think or just, but I guess my other question about the GMAC bs and for all I know going to pop up as a judgement and never come to me properly with a notice of the trial as it seems they never have as the one that did I settled on. Others said hand delivered to 40 yr old white male and lets just say the judge laughed when I told them him that when I was summoned for contempt of court.

In IL taxes on leases are paid up front or are they paid monthly?

If I settle on this provided they still will for under 3k is there anyway to get out of the 1099 that would count as income on the other amount?

Should I talk with more lawyers and see if they can get out of this on GMACs dime?

I've heard from car salesmen friends in the past that they have had situations where all the money had to be returned to the lease or buyer from the deal once taken to court and lost and that usually the car companies/loan companies lose, but this seems far fetched???

All of my ignorance and credit problems I created and own up to were before the Fair Credit Act? basically having perfect credit and then one day 7% where a transfer of all debt went to for 0% went up to 30% with chase for a day late on an unrelated account and eventually became to much or was going to be as every debit did this and the house split failing to ever see my hands and a 15k business contract with 50k pending was put off and off for a year until I knew 100% I won't see this $ either and found the owner was living a lie and gambled and lied himself out of business negating my subcontract for services rendered, so plans or wishful thinking of paying these cards off in full as I hate interest, were long gone and not much I could do, I've paid dbl back of the original debt, but it has far more then doubled esp with the hummer pending and don't want to file, but it maybe the only option since a judgment exists and this will never end if GMAC gets there way.

I really appreciate any advice or options I maybe overlooking and if you read all of this, I'll try and keep it shorter moving forward, as I realize it is likely long for most readers.

What I can't do is bring this old boss to court unfortunately as I'm not sure the name is even real they used.

Being single this is holding me back mentally giving my prior life and finical self control and just feels demeaning same as filing as it has been 6 or 7 years and most clears next year, but will still be owed I know where judgements exist.

I made to much at my prior job to file chapter 7 and chapter 11 seemed bad since i'd rather try and negotiate, but now I don't have huge sums to do so and switching fields hopefully soon, which I have been off for 6 months or nearing it soon and should be able to go chapter 7 if that is the best option? Just seems counter productive as credit as gotten better and the amounts I've paid off, and a moral thing, but I also don't want to miss the window and be screwed another 10 years if nothing else really exists and think it would be better on my mental health and life at this point to get it over with if there is little hope and esp. if I will get a 1099 if they settle as the IRS are the last people I want to owe anything again esp on that amount.

Thanks again in advance and any guidance I appreciate and will try to return the favor with technology skillsets, taxes, legal, or Small Med Business knowledge for startups as I have a solid general knowledge in specific area's, and the technology just about any area and partnered with all the big companies still.

Review about: Gmac Lies And Deciet.

Monetary Loss: $17500.

GMAC - Refused refinancing after they approved it

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My mom was run through the ringer and this companies customer service reps did nothing but play games when my mom tried to get her home that became underwater after the crash in 2007, my father had died, his medical bills were huge, my mom in her 70s was still working full time, she is fighting to keep her home and GMACs people just played games! Mom finally forced to file bankruptcy when she was laid off.

Now she is trying to short sell the house the company handling the situation Greentree went to court we were there, they agreed to the short sale and since then have made false appraisals and now Fanniemae wont let us summit a reasonable appraisal for another 90 days but the deadline for auction is Dec 18.

These companies get money from our government, our money and take it, keep it and screw us!! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH GMAC OR GREENTREE they lie, they cheat they SEAL!

Review about: Mortgage.

GMAC - Sharon

Denver, Colorado 0 comments

I just received a phone call from GMAC, very rude telling me my house payment is LATE and what is the check number etc. I told him to freaken bug off and I NEVER give ANY personal info over the phone when they call me!

I told him we made the payment on the 3APR and its not late until after the 15APR!!!! He said he isn't calling about a late fee, but rudely said I"M LATE. I told the Butt-Wipe, this is total harrasment and my credit score is *** near perfect and HOW DARE HE think that he can harrass me!!! GMAC must be as low as they come and I pray the freaken jerks go out of business!!!

How pathetic are they that they don't have the interest for a couple of days from the 1st!!!!! What *** they are!

Review about: Home Payment.

GMAC - Overpay

Sullivan, Missouri 1 comment
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We bought our 2004 Trailblazer in June 2007. Had a 5 yr.

loan thru GMAC. It's now Feb. of 2013 and the payments keep going autopay out of our bank acct. Tried to get on new Ally site to check our account out and it doesn't have a record of our vehicle!

I am so angry that we have been paying 8 more months than we were supposed to. I am calling them tomorrow, Monday, and I Will get this taken care of and stop payment from our bank.

I am very glad I found this site. Thank whoever started it.

Review about: Extra Payment.

Monetary Loss: $2400.


Fort Worth, Texas, United States #646158

we have a loan that's 60 months started in May '07 and they say we still owe $4272 on the statement but we called for pay off and they say $4400 no negotation. How do we fight this???

any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!!

GMAC - Where the devil is my title

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I paid off my jeep over four years ago. Never received my title, regardless of how many times I called asking for it.

Last year I received a notice that I owed over $400 for a final payment. My payments weren't even that before paying them off. Finally after my health suffered from undue stress I was told my title would be sent within 30 days. The vehicle doesn't run, cost $150.

a month for insurance to keep a tag on it and I can't sell it or junk it.

Where is my title??? I am really one ticked off person!

Review about: Car Loan.

Monetary Loss: $500.


Prescott, Arizona, United States #726314

Every case here is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. Do it!!

GMAC - Harassing monthly phonecalls

Los Angeles, California 0 comments

Every single month after the 16th, I get harassing telephone calls. My payments are always on time, but they consistently harass me and tell me that they are giving me a courtesy call and will call my job if I do not pay them!

I tell them that I always pay but they are very rude. Sometimes they call before 9 am on Saturdays and sometimes after 9pm on a weeknight. The calls are very very stressful and I cannot sleep after they call me.

It is affecting me physically also. Very very very rude employees and horrible collection practices when my payments are never even late!

Review about: Harassing Phone Calls.

GMAC Insurance

Minneapolis, Minnesota 0 comments

Enterprise has bad customer service and not enough cars? They were going to call me when a car becomes available for 3 days and I never heard anything from them.

I went to their office and was still

put on hold another 3 days without a car that my insurance company GMAC reserved for me. My insurance paid for the car and I have not received a phone call from them yet. This is ridiculous and I think people should know about it.

No one has come to pick me up call me or anything. It should be first come first serve.

Review about: Bad Customer Service.

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